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There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on treasure Island.
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~Walt Disney

In Awakening in the Dream, David once again combines his extensive research, the Law of One series, new insider revelations, and his own connection with the divine to bring humanity closer to full disclosure than ever before--as well as to help us activate our full potential on the eve of Ascension.  It is a must-read for anyone wanting to prepare for the Ascension and learn about the Great Awakening.

Awakening in the Dream
David Wilcock

Drawing on scientific data, historical, and literary sources, the authors argue that our myths are the remains of a preliterate astronomy, whose accuracy were suppressed and forgotten by an emergent Greco-Roman world view.  This fascinating book throws into doubt the self-congratulatory assumptions of Western science about the unfolding development and transmission of knowledge.  This book should be read by anyone interested in science, myth, and the interactions between the two.

Hamlet's Mill
Giorgio de Santillana
Hertha von Dechend

It doesn't matter whether one is brand new to meditation or has ben meditating for a long time.  What matters is the attitude with which we engage the process of meditation.  The most important thing is that we come to meditation with an open attitude...  We need to approach the notion of meditation in a way that is fresh and innocent.

True Meditation : Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness
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