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What is the Great Awakening?

By Matt Warren

We are on the doorstep of the greatest event in the recorded history of humanity on our planet.  On the eve of the Ascension, people are beginning to awaken, not only to the awful situation in which we find ourselves, but to the bright and glorious future that awaits us, particularly those of us who are only willing to reach out and take that which is our divine birthright.  The world is changing fast, and most are still asleep to the true nature of the battle that is raging.  It is not a political battle, but the final war for the souls of this planet—a war between good and evil that will determine the ultimate destiny of the human race in this solar system, at least for time well beyond comprehension.  


     The story of how we came to this Great Awakening is the greatest story ever told, for it deals with the most extreme natures and affects the destiny of all people.  The forces of darkness, which have been silently infiltrating every facet of our world for thousands of years, are now pushing with all their myriad legions to stay on top.  Until now, it was a long and slow process that they wrought upon the minds of the earth wherein little fight was to be had.  From the beginning, they had their own upon the thrones of the great nations of the world, and there they’ve stayed until this present time, all the while working their poison upon the collective mind of the children of Gaia.  Throughout history, these devils have thrived, hiding in the shadows, manipulating in secret the rise and fall of nations, stealing our children, using their sorcery for their own gain, and whispering into our ears that sorcery is a myth, benefitting from technologies beyond our knowledge, conditioning us to believe that if a technology is in a film then it must be fiction—feeding us misdirection at every turn.  


     They rose to incredible prominence with the Roman Empire.  In this great civilization we saw the least civil of people.  All manner of sexual and violent perversions were practiced openly, particularly by those in power.  The most prominent of society were the least deserving of it, and the most base and disgusting in their dealings, especially behind closed doors.  And the most powerful formed a kind of brotherhood—a secret combination, in which they kept each other’s secrets.  It was then, essentially, that the fabled “Illuminati” was formed.  They took what they wanted; people were used and thrown away.  Disease was rampant, children became increasingly the more popular objects of sexual gratification while young girls were thrown to the lions for sport.  At the pinnacle of human achievement, we saw the very depth of human wickedness, depravity and degradation.  You will see, if you know where to look, that we have arrived back at the same place of glory and depravity today; they are now as they once were, only better at hiding it, and more careful.


      There was one called Jehoshua, which most called Jesus, the Christ, who, among others, saw the seeds of evil that were being sewn, and knowing of the coming Ascension whose doorstep we now find ourselves upon, saw fit to counteract it, lest the earth not be prepared for the forthcoming mass Ascension event.  And so, in those same days, this noble soul, immensely advanced in spirit and wisdom and knowledge, came with a great mission to the earth, taking on our form, preaching love and planting seeds of a very different kind, so that in these final days, mankind would be ready to rise to the challenge that we now face today.


     Now, when the Roman Empire fell, the core of evil, the core of the Illuminati, held together, and it regrouped in England (though some remained in the Vatican), and there it has remained ever since, its members passing on their secret, dark traditions from ruler to ruler, keeping their bloodlines pure, and keeping in power those that were willing to uphold their religion of evil that uses the innocent to secure their own mastery over others.  This empire grew and spread to every corner of the earth, even to America, and now it festers, particularly in California, New York, and Washington.


     The father of the American nation, Washington, saw a vision, little known, about the wars in which his nation would become entrenched.  Those wars have since come to pass, save one.  With the fall of Nazi Germany, we saw what we thought was the fall of a great evil.  What was not known to most then or even most today was that the entire war (WWII) was engineered by the Illuminati, also known as the Deep State, the Cabal, or the New World Order.  This Deep State, both in prominence in Germany AND the United States, played both sides of the war.  Henry Ford and others worked closely with the Third Reich to supply their tanks and weapons, and in the end, the Deep State decided which side would win.  You see, war is extremely good for business, and so the Cabal played both sides of the war for the gain of power and wealth.  This hard fact is further evidenced by the fact that a great deal of Germany’s head physicists, other scientists, key intelligence officers and others were brought into the American military industrial complex after the war, in Project Paperclip.


     Certain events of the war awakened members of Intelligence to the existence of this Deep State, and a secret coalition was formed with the purpose of counteracting and ultimately defeating this evil.  Many have called this group “The Alliance” (with the “Q” phenomenon being the American branch of the Alliance, recently taking that code name so as to disseminate intelligence, and with it hope, to those who are wise enough to look, listen, and do their homework).  A war began then—a silent war, and it has never ceased these 70 plus years.  We are seeing the last struggle of this war today.


     Over the decades since the Second World War, the Deep State has been busy at work, continuing the work of Nazi scientists, exploring the greatest means of manipulation and mind control with programs such as MKUltra.  Psychological warfare has been leveraged against the American public (and around the world) for decades, in our movies, television, music, magazines, books, journals, online articles, and more.  What we have, essentially, is the world’s most powerful people employing the most effective means of psychological manipulation and control against the public every single day, brainwashing people in ways they cannot begin to recognize on their own, and it’s working wonderfully.  People laugh and scoff at the idea of MKUltra, Agenda 21, hidden alien technology and the Illuminati, and that’s exactly how they want it—it’s how they stay in power.  It’s what they thrive on.  That’s how they’ve programmed us slowly for decades, because they have decades of research for this express purpose, and they’re using it in full force.  But most people can’t see this, and that is why they remain in power still today, despite myriad whistleblowers coming forward and books having been written on the subject.


     But their devilish ways cannot be sustained indefinitely in a world peopled predominantly by the good-hearted.  So as their stone temples and their Babylonian money-magic systems crumbled beneath their feet, the denizens of darkness and the perversities of nature tried to hide their deeds by engineering a global disaster.  But as we will see, the disaster was not ours, but theirs.  Their plan served only to seal their own doom.


     The 2020 global “pandemic” (as it was wrongly called) proved not to be even a fraction as devastating as they had hoped.  They intended massive death and the destruction of small businesses worldwide.  You see, the central bank system, the money machine that feeds the Deep State, that we have wrongly been led to believe is necessary for our economy, was collapsing, and when that happens, people see the truth: we don’t need the central bank—it does nothing for us.  The country can manage its own finances without a middle man robbing us little by little.  And when people realize this then their system is gone, and with it, most of the funding for the global elite goes with it.  This is why they engineered this virus; a scapegoat on which to place the blame for a collapsing economy that had reached critical mass.  


     The plan was that when the system failed, allegedly due to the virus, then we start over, and we do it with the Central Bank, just as before.  However, under the guidance of some very brilliant people in the US government, including the business wizard Donald John Trump, the economy did not fail.  By bringing manufacturing back to the US in massive waves, among other things, President Trump restored the economy at lightning speed, and hope was immediately restored.  Similarly, with tireless work on the part of Trump, Barr, Michael Flynn and others in the US government, the original, massively inflated numbers surrounding the Covid outbreak were corrected.  230,000 deaths became 13,000 overnight, people began to notice that the many restrictions placed on them because of the virus were completely unnecessary.  People were seeing one thing on the news and another thing with their own experience—people began to wake up to the truth of what was really going on: the greatest scam in human history.

But now the dragon of darkness is raging, trying to hold its ground as the people, one by one, join the mob and take up the march and beat upon the castle gate.  The bloodstained towers of the demonic elite are about to come crumbling down and they see this.  They are fighting with everything they have left.  The raging dragon is faltering, but it is not going to go quietly.


     At the time of writing this, the 2020 election has only passed a few days prior, yet, as predicted by so many, the results are slow coming, and what has been collected is being hotly debated.  In fact, fraud by every conceivable means is being exposed, and the Department of Defense is preparing to go to court with various political leaders.  Inside reports are saying that Trump won in a landslide and that when the fraudulent votes are corrected, this will be clear, yet the bulk of the mainstream media is already declaring Biden the winner.


     There is cause to believe, from prophecy, news, and prior experience, that we are heading into a very dark chapter of American history that may include riots, the closure of businesses, and the confiscation of public money on an unprecedented scale, and which may even include a civil war, the assassination of Donald Trump, and the invasion and occupation of the US by the UN under the guise of serving the public interest.  The near future may prove very bright or very dark.  There is so much uncertainty just around the corner, with threats of mass genocidal vaccinations, 5G, Agenda 21, and with Trump and Q and their supporters on the other side.  The coin has been flipped, and we will soon see it come to rest.  How it lands will determine our fate for the next decade.  It will be an incredibly challenging decade or a decade of never-before-seen prosperity.


     I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I have high hopes.  It is easy to think that with the rage that will undoubtedly ensue following the reelection of Donald Trump that the Deep State will unleash all the darts of hell, throw caution to the wind, and unload all of their ammo at the President.  And it is easy to think that if he falls then the Deep State will quickly step in, take up the mantle and inflict their black agenda upon the country and the world after it.  However, I have been surprised at times with the sheer number of people who are waking up to the corruption, despite those foolish few seemingly hellbent on remaining with their eyes shut to the endless evidences of the corruption that has overtaken our world.  With such a massive global awakening, I cannot see the Deep State remaining in power.  People cannot be controlled who are totally awake, and the common people outnumber them 10,000 to 1.  They may try and they may triumph for a little while, but I think they will quickly find a flood of righteous destruction wash over them when the people realize what they’ve been subjected to for so long, and realize that enough is enough.


     What happens next is the greatest part of the story.  Ancient religions speak of it, as do religions still today, yet few are awake to its true nature; a golden age heralded by the cleansing of the earth by fire, which is followed by a millennium of peace—a true heaven on earth, one hundred times as harmonious as life as we currently know it.  It is a story we all heard as children, regardless of what religion we grew up with.  There is a reason all religions tell this story, and now we can see science is beginning to merge with religion in this matter and support this seemingly mythical prophecy.  The Great Solar Flash, called “the Ascension” by many and “the Harvest” by Ra in the extraordinary Law of One material, is a massive solar event that will bring our world into this golden age, wiping from the earth all evil, and leaving behind those whose vibration is high enough to withstand the energies brought about by it, where humanity can discover its divine destiny.  This is the crowning event of the Great Awakening and this will occur in around 10 years time.  Regardless of what state the world comes into in the near future, the Solar Flash will come and we will Ascend.  But will you be ready for it?


     One final thought.  Do not fear the Ascension.  It will be glorious beyond our imaginings, and is an incredibly positive, natural phenomenon.  One may worry about whether or not they are ready for the event; whether or not their vibration has been sufficiently raised.  Do not worry.  There is a plan to save those who are not ready.  However, if you are here reading this, I am confident you will be.

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