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History and the past are rarely the same thing.
A Brief History of Earth

The history of our planet is far more complex and interesting than we have been taught.  Myriad sources support one another in telling a story rich with lost empires, underground cities, extraterrestrial visitation, and so much more.  Discover the untold story here.

Atlantis and Lemuria

An ancient and fabled civilization, considered by many to be a myth, the city of Atlantis was in fact a technologically advanced super city, but the spiritual immaturity of its people cost them everything.  Learn who they were, where the famous city was, and how it was lost.  Learn also of the older Lemuria.

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Egypt's Lost History

One of the most important places in the long history of the Ascension and extraterrestrial aid to mankind, Egypt's history is far different that historians tell us.  Many sources, including the Law of One material, tell us the fascinating story, including the origin of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Mars/Maldek Timeline

Both scientific evidence and channeled information tell us that the Red Planet was not always a barren rock, nor in close proximity to Earth.  Discover its fascinating history, how it came to be where it is today, and its little known relationship to the rings of Saturn.

Ancient Stone Sites

The world is speckled with ancient sites comprised of stone architecture that would be implausible at best (if not impossible) even with today's technology.  Learn how some of them were built, by whom, and perhaps most importantly, what unexpected purposes they served.


The Bible, Greek, Norse, countless other mythologies and religions, folk tales, and even historic accounts all speak of giants.  Perhaps the overwhelming body of writing concerning these peoples of unlikely stature points to truths we would be stubborn to not seriously consider.


Fairies, elves, giants and trolls; Zeus, Thor, Ra, and the city of Atlantis; fairy rings and the underworld, dragons and blue-skinned Hindu gods, they all have some grounding in truth.  Forgotten and covered up, the diversity of our planet and its visitors is much greater than we've been told.

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