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Law of One

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.
Introduction to the Law of One

The most important known work ever produced for the betterment of mankind, the Law of One is a message from angelic beings on how to prepare for the Ascension and a roadmap of the future.  Absolutely essential for anyone truly interested in spirituality, self-improvement, and eternal progression.

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As we learn and evolve before, during, and after this life, we grow through stages of experience. Each subsequent level brings with it a higher capacity for light, or intelligent energy. So we say, the density of the light increases, and with each density level, we experience an acceleration in the expansion of our consciousness.

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Each incarnation or life we experience on this planet was a conscious choice made by us, with the express purpose of allowing us more opportunities to learn the ways of love and understanding. Through programming done by our higher selves, we face trials that are designed to accelerate our choice of serving ourselves or serving others.

Ra, An Humble Messenger

Ra is a social memory complex of 6th density.  Having originated on the planet Venus roughly 2.6 billion years ago, the society of Ra had a very harmonious and rapid evolution through 3rd and 4th density.  11,000 years ago, Ra visited Egypt in an attempt to teach the Law of One and aid in the consciousness of humanity. 


Greatly misunderstood in the Western world, the Law of Karma is not merely a loose spiritual idea, but a solid and unbreakable law of physics and of the universe, and more so even.  These invisible cosmic scales are the key to understanding all the good and bad that happens to you throughout your life.

The Mission of Jesus, the Christ

Like Ra, Christ came to Earth to give us an important message at a time when it was greatly needed, in order to steer humanity toward higher consciousness.  His message of love was not only nice, but vitally necessary for humanity to achieve its ultimate destiny of Ascension at this time.

Spiritual Exercises from the Law of One

In the Law of One, Ra gives us several exercises we can do daily in order to more quickly achieve what is called a spiritual awakening as well as increase our vibration and progress more rapidly through this density, using psychology and our dreams.

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