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The Harvest is now.
Introduction to the Ascension

A golden age for humanity and all of Gaia of unprecedented peace and spiritual awakening, the Ascension is a forthcoming event in which man, through a rise in consciousness reaches a new point in our evolution.

The Solar Flash

As the people living upon it go through a transformation, so does Gaia, the Earth, and our sun will play a massive part.  Learn how the sun will aid in these Earth changes, and learn also about how mankind will be affected by the flash, resulting, in part, in humanity's future among the Pleiades.

The Fourth Density

Following the Ascension event, the final and greatest of the events in the Great Awakening, the majority of those remaining on Earth will complete their shift into Fourth Density consciousness.  Find out what that means and what we can expect life to look like in this new, higher density here.

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The Law of One

The most important known work ever produced for the betterment of mankind, the Law of One is a message from angelic beings on how to prepare for the Ascension and a roadmap of the future.  Absolutely essential for anyone truly interested in spirituality, self-improvement, and eternal progression.

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